VR 4th Promotion-Halloween Carnival

Wow, pumpkin lanterns, skull masks, the crazy party… Are You Ready For The Coming Crazy HALLOWEEN? From 29th, Sept. to 18th, Oct., 2013 EST, all VR customers can enjoy Up to 20%OFF, as long as your order Product Fee meets the conditions below. Let’s cheer for it!


  • Any Order Product Fee over $30 will get a $5 OFF instantly;
  • Any Order Product Fee over $150 will get a $30 OFF instantly;


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VR 3rd Promotion Wave Start Now

VR 3rd Promotion Wave, Massive Aug. & Sept. Surprise Giveaways Start Now!

From 22nd, Aug. to 5th, Sept., free gifts will be obtained once meets following conditions:

1. Order product value over $50 will obtain a free gift (4 options, the value is from

$5.39 to $7.87);

2. Order product value over $100 will obtain a free gift (8 options, the value is from

$5.39 to $11.5);

3. Order product value over $300 will obtain a free gift (12 options, the value is from

$5.39 to $30.87);

4. Order product value over $500 will obtain a free gift (16 options, the value is from

$5.39 to $51.42);

Go! Let’s jump at the chance! More details please click below image:


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VR 2nd promotion wave: Find the best deals and savings now

VR 2nd promotion wave – Huge Mother’s Day Discounts are coming! Launching May 6th to 20th, featuring thousands of items! Visit VR from May 6th to 20th, 2013 .

Receive discounts on every order which meets the following conditions:

A:Orders valued $60 or more will get a $5 OFF instantly;

B:Orders valued $200 or more will get a $20 OFF instantly;

C: Orders valued $400 or more will get a $50 OFF instantly;

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Join Our DIY Club — Sweet is the Fruit of Labour!

Join Our DIY Club — Sweet is the Fruit of Labour!

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Easter 2-Week Only Promotion! Up to $30 OFF!

Easter 2-Week Only Promotion! Up to $30 OFF!

Hurry up and don’t miss out on your chance to save!


Mar. 18th to 31st, 2013

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Springtime Outing Essentials

Springtime Outing Essentials

Get your gear and go explore!  Go to shop now: http://www.volumerate.com/albums/spring_travel

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Flashlight, As Part of Your Regular Tool Needs

There are many reasons and in many cases, you may need to ensure have the light in many case, not only in an emergency situation. What is the better method is to have a flashlight. Flashlight is very useful in our lives, especially when we go camping, run out of power outages, come across emergencies and encounter danger dark situations etc. When we talk about self-defense weapons, especially in dark streets, I think a flashlight could be an ideal option for you. These flashlights are generally incorporated on stun guns. Flashlights have become a part of the house utilities. It has numerous uses and used for various purposes. This is the reason why every household must have at least one flashlight.

There are many kinds of flashlights alternative, an LED flashlight or a regular incandescent flashlight. Hereby, we would like to talk about LED flashlight. The LED flashlight produces a white light that is able to match daylight much more closely than the other flashlights. Also, the human eye is adapted to see this type of light much better. This means that lesser illumination will be needed and still good visibility will be possible. LED flashlights are always more cost effective in the long run.
Longer operational life. Most LED flashlights have an operational life expectancy of over 25,000 hours, which is longer than nearly that of all flashlights used.

Longer battery life. The battery life of LED flashlights is also considerably longer than regular flashlights. With that said, one needs to remember that actual battery life depends on the following factors: (1) the number of LEDs one is lighting (2) the amount of light each LED is giving off (3) the type of battery one is using.

Save energy. LED flashlights require significantly less energy in comparison to conventional flashlights. The potential energy savings by using LED flashlights is estimated to be approximately 85%.

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Special Promotion: Spring Special Sales! Save up to 64% OFF

As New Year 2013 begins, we have recently started our New Year special promotion, our biggest special ever; you can find some incredible deals for bargain hunters in Volumerate.com.

New Year, even more Save! We have a fantastic range of the very latest wholesale gadgets, affordable watches and low cost accessories to keep you thrilled and entertained into 2013. Gadgets include the latest car chargers and the latest phone accessories for superior performance, watches and other Electronics for the very competitive price available.

You would never find out such low discount before in Volumerate, but now with the sales season in full swing, you should not miss the many great bargains we have prepare for you.  With truly massive discounts, as much as 64% off with good quality, our biggest New Year sales promotion means you kick off 2013 in a money saving mindset. Check out our bargains and discounts in our promotion and start saving now!

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Memory card,Necessary Items for Digital Products

Memory card is an independent storage medium that is primarily used in mobile phones, digital cameras laptop computers, MP3, MP4, MP5 players, and other digital products. So it is also known as “storage card”. Memory card have some wonderful advantages: compact, easy to carry, easy to use. At the same time, because of the excellent compatibility, the exchange of data between different digital products becomes easier. There are many different types of memory cards, such as SD memory card, CF memory card and so on. The performance of different types of memory cards is different.

SD memory card has three main characteristics; the most obvious is the very mini size equivalent of a stamp-sized. This obvious character made the SD memory card can be applied to a new generation of mobile phones, watches, MP3, MP4, MP5 players etc. Another point is characterized by high-speed reading and writing function. At the present time, SD memory card is also a leader on the memory card market. Also, there is another kind of SD card called MicroSD Card. Designed roughly with 1/4 the size of an SD card, MicroSD memory cards are suitable for other small electronic devices such as digital cameras and other mobile phones etc.

Compared with the SD memory card, CF memory card has a slightly large size. This character also limits the use of CF memory card. So that is why many popular ultra-thin digital cameras mostly abandon the CF memory card, and use the SD memory card at first. In addition, CF memory card also has many advantages. CF card use the flash memory technology, it is a stable storage technology which needn’t any battery to store data. You can use the CF card to protect your data comprehensive and believe it without doubt.

If you want to wholesale different kinds of Memory cards, please click here.

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Choose Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Beloved from Volumerate

Now I think that a lot of people are beginning to search gifts for someone special in their life for the coming Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a good chance for all of you to speak out your love and care. Valentine’s Day gifts are the best way to show your beloved how much you love him/her. Of course, first of all, Valentine’s Day Gifts would be Valentine Roses and Valentine Chocolates. But if you want to choose the special gift for your life partner, special idea to get such gift is needed. Have you got the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for your beloved? Volumerate.com has many great ideas for this Valentine’s Day which include the following.

Some gifts would be suitable for couples. Many phone cases with loves pattern style are good choices. Those cases with different love patterns are cute and romantic. With love couple pattern style watch such as Lover’s PU Leather Band Analog Quartz Wrist Watch, couple can feel love from each other when they check the time. You can choose an ILU Love Themed Metal Photo Frame to display couple photo as well.

Get one latest gadget as the Valentine’s Day gift for him. Most guys love gadgets. You could get an iPhone or iPad for him. You can also get the newest IPEGA PG-9017 Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Controller for him. He may love some outdoor sports equipments and car electronics. You can definitely leave him a lasting impression this Valentine’s Day.

Want to get gifts for her? Some clothing, cosmetic and jewelry would be good. But in addition to these, many girls would prefer to some cute love gadgets such as Romantic Sweet Heart Star Projector Light w/ 12 Months Rotation. This item can create a larger, more brilliant light show for your viewing entertainment. The projected star movement on the roof is consistent with the real star movement and can be projected on the ceiling or wall. When it works, you can see a pair of couple sitting on the moon, which is so beautiful, charming, and romantic. You can definitely leave her a lasting impression this Valentine’s Day.

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